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Best Cases For MacBook Air

We curated a list of best cases for MacBook Air. Check it out!

If you love your Macbook and have it everywhere you go, that sleek looking aluminium chassis although awesome to look at is quite delicate as well. It is highly prone to scratches.

Some of the cases out there can be a bit expensive for everyone to afford. So think about how much you want to spend too. But keep in mind that Macbook Air cases cost a lot less than getting a new Macbook Air.

So if you are prone to accidents involving your Macbook Air you should definitely consider getting a case for it.

A good case will not just protect the exterior finish of the laptop but also the screen and to an extent the core parts in case you drop your Macbook.

The more rugged cases available will easily protect the screen in case of a bad drop as well, apart from that they will add another level of aesthetics to your Macbook Air. The case you choose will add your own personal touch and look to your Macbook Air.

Unlike Macbook Air sleeves that have to be removed and can be used only for transport, a hard case can remain on even while you are using your Macbook, this offers protection not just while commuting but during work as well.

A bad fall for your Macbook Air can be a disaster, not only will you lose the use of your Macbook for a while, the repairs you will have to spend on will cost quite a bit, so instead get a good case for your Macbook air and keep it protected always.

To help you make your decision when you are buying a new Macbook Air case, we have put together a list of some of the best cases out there right now, so pick which one you like and what suits your needs the best.

Top Cases For MacBook Air

Apple Incase 13 Inch Hardshell Case

Best Cases For The Macbook Air

Naturally, one of the best possible cases you could get for your Macbook Air is designed by Apple themselves.

Thanks to Apple’s carefully crafted design, the case sits just perfectly and so seamlessly fits onto your Macbook. This will keep your Macbook protected from scratches, knocks and even drops to a certain extent.

The Apple Incase 13 inch comes with a hard shell but is still lightweight and does not feel very bulky. The case is injection moulded for that perfect Apple quality construction.

It also has good quality rubberised feet to keep your Macbook properly in its spot. These feet also provide a small space between your Macbook and the surface it is on, this space is to maintain proper airflow and keep the Macbook cool.

With Apple’s case, you get style and a few colours to pick from, very minimal bulk added to your Macbook and good ventilation as well. Although a bit more expensive than others, the way it fits onto the Macbook and its good looks are worth the extra dollars to know your Macbook will always be safe and still look cool.



0.57 in. / 1.43 cm


12.28 in. / 30.71 cm


8.62 in. / 21.54 cm


8.82 oz. / 250 g

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MOSISO MacBook Shell Covers

MOSISO Mac hard Shell Covers

When it comes to a variety of MacBook Air hard cases, no brand has such a wide range of types, colours and styles as MOSISO does.

MOSISO cases are available in various shades of blue, eight to be exact, seven different types of green and many more. And if you want your Apple logo to still be seen with the case on, they have transparent ones too.

Some of the coloured ones come in translucent and will reveal the logo to a certain extent.

If you are looking to make more of an impression, they also have many different patterns from abstract to flowery which you can choose from. These cases are sure to make your Macbook stand out anywhere.

The build quality is good and it also fits well onto the Macbook Air, the cutouts for the various ports and charging pin are neatly made, this makes it easy to plug in your audio jack or other peripheral devices.

The price range of these cases offer very good value for money, MOSISO even sends you a free keyboard cover and screen protector when you place an order for any of their cases.

They are about half the cost of the original Apple ones, so if you are not particular about having an Apple one and want a good hardshell case at a reasonable cost, this is perfect for you.



0.8 inches


12.9 inches


9 inches

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iCasso 13 Inch MacBook Air Cases

iCasso 13 Inch MacBook Air Case

If you love art and abstract designs you will definitely love the cases iCasso has to offer.

When deciding on a hard case one of the main things to consider is the amount of protection and durability it offers, finding something like this is hard enough let alone something unique as well. With iCasso cases, you can have the best of both.

Some cases are minimalist in design and colour, like the one that features the two faces on a black background and others like the one above are more out there with its mandala and a large array of colours.

When you buy an iCasso hard case, you can buy it as a standalone accessory or if you like, you can create a bundle that will include two keyboard covers along with the hard case. The keyboard covers that come are compatible with the 2018/2019 Macbook Air (One piece) and the 2020 Macbook Air model (One piece).

If you go in for the package deal, apart from the keyboard covers you will also receive a screen protector, dust plugs and even a 13 inch sleeve bag, which in my opinion, is a really good deal.



0.59 Inches


12.05 Inches


8.46 Inches


8.8 Ounces

The link for the casing displayed is given below.

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Dongke Composition Book 13 Inch Macbook Air Hardcase

Dongke Composition Book 13 Inch for Mac

If you want to go with a more old school look for your Macbook Air, you should consider the Dongke Composition Book hard case. It will make your Macbook Air look exactly like one of the books you used to use way back in high school. If you are a student still then this is the perfect illusion for your Macbook Air.

Opening up your Macbook Air like an old notebook to take notes in class creates a unique style for you, compared to everyone else and their regular Macbooks.

This look may sometimes even keep your Macbook Air from getting stolen if you leave it lying around somewhere by mistake, it may not actually get picked up because it looks so like a book.

Build quality is excellent and the slick hard shell can easily resist scratches. The Uv ink used for the printing of the case is imported from Japan. The precise detail of the build gives complete access to all the ports and buttons with ease.

It comes equipped with micro clips that attach and snap off with ease when needed, these

micro clips securely fasten to your MacBook and snap off with ease when needed.

The bottom is also well designed with the vents placed properly and along with the rubber legs that raise it they provide very good ventilation and heat dissipation for your MacBook Air.



1.2 Inches


12.2 Inches


8.5 Inches


10.4 Ounces

The link for this Macbook hard case is given below.

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IBENZER Hexpact MacBook Air case

IBENZER Hexpact case for Mac

If your one who likes or needs devices and cases that are super tough and also look awesome, maybe just because you like it or your work place demands it, this hexpact case is one of those you will surely want for your Macbook Air.

This case will not only give your Macbook Air a tough look but will keep it safe and protected as well. The honeycomb design is specifically designed to take maximum impact in the event of a drop, even a bad one.

The build is so good in fact that it exceeds military standard drop testing and comes with a MIL-STD-810 certificate, which is pretty great.

It has a dual layer system of protection, one layer comprises of the hard case which will protect it from scratches and dents and the other layer is a soft rubber compound that is impact resistant and acts as a bumper to protect your Macbook Air from the damage of hard falls.

It has non slip rubber feet on the bottom to keep your Macbook firmly in place. Its snap on clips makes it easy to take off or put on in an instant. And the spaces for the ports are perfectly aligned to give full access to them easily.

This case also comes in a striking blue and also white and black versions to suit different tastes or moods.

So if you want a proper case that will guarantee you some heavy duty protection for your Macbook Air then this is definitely one worth getting.



0.8 Inches


13.9 Inches


9.5 Inches


12.8 Ounces

The link for this hard case will be mentioned below.

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Whether you are looking only to give your Macbook Air just a new and different style, basic scratch protection or maybe some heavy duty heavy spec protection or perhaps want to change the look of it all together with some art and colour.

Whatever your reason may be, get a case you like that is within your budget, something that would suit all your needs and bring out your own personal taste and flair the best.

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